Monday, June 13, 2011

counting the ways He loves

   spawned on by ann voskamp's book one thousand gifts i am on a hunt, counting the many things throughout my days that i am thankful for; counting the many ways in which He loves me...
#42. long drives north in the spring.
#48. sleepless nights cuddling baby girl who is growing sooo fast
#49. a young son who wants to be held more
#79. flower sprouts that push up dirt
#93. children waking with a desire for morning devotions
#99. peace that lands in my heart when prayer is whispered to dark threatening clouds
#106. creaking wheels of tricycle ridden by generations of young children
#108. the sound of new leaves shifting against one another on a cool breeze
#111. smiles that infect the corners of eyes
#121. garlic bulbs round and fragrant kept protected by their own grown paper
#124. sisters in Christ who share and love and listen and encourage and help to grow me
#125. bright orange carrots, crunchy, fresh fully fragrant of earth and sweetness
#129. fresh cut roses bunched in narrow bottle, fragrant and color deepening on kitchen table
#133. quiet moments full of gratitude
#134. kitchen clean and waiting for another adventure with food, school, coffee, tea, dancing, stolen kisses with husband...with all that spills over with life
#140. house quiet and filling with lite, early, morning rays; expectation heavy in the air
#150. noticing a morning dove enjoying bird seed loving placed by one who loves morning doves
#151. crunchy garlic rubbed bread dressed with oil, basil and tomato
#152. hugs given and hugs received by tiny hands yet mighty hands and arms

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