Thursday, August 4, 2011

don't miss the answer to your prayers

  have you ever prayed for healing? a physical healing? an emotional healing? a healing in a relationship?
  while praying for healing do you have the tendency to ask God to do it your way?
  "Lord i really need _______ to get better because _________"
  "Lord  have been wounded by ______ and it feel so _______. please heal my heart so that i can __________"
 "Lord i would really like for this relationship to be healed because ________"
  does the Lord listen to my earthly asking and shake His head wondering why my worldly comprehension of this life is asking in His name for so little?
  earlier today i was asking for the Lord to heal a relationship that i know could use it. seeing it from the outside looking in, loving all involved, i pleaded with the Lord for a healing. a restoration.
  He asked me, "do you want me to make this relationship like it was before?"
  thinking for a moment i replied, "no Lord, that is just not good enough."
  the words escaped my mind in all truth and honesty, tumbling out of a heart that saw with eyes bigger then all the pain involved. in true humility and pure in my response i asked the Lord, "why should i pray for a healing? why pray for restoration? why not elevate it even higher to a place in which no one would have imagined today? made better then before? made better then just healed? made better then just restored? i don't want to pray for a healing in this relationship, and i don't want to see a restoration. i want to see a new beginning, a new relationship. one that surpasses just getting along. one that surpasses setting aside differences. one that is built on the fact that their is an enemy who seeks to destroy the family. prowling around the earth like a hungry lion and Your children, our family who love You and want to exalt Your name, are his ugly prime focus of destruction. make our love for one another be knit together in the knowledge of this horrific desire  from an enemy and patch it together with a Love that covers a multitude of sins. may the Love of Jesus and who He is and what He did bubbly over and into all our endeavors to love one another. if even it's original desire is just to defeat the enemy may it be our encouragement to rule over our tongues, minds and hearts with Your love thereafter - always."
  i didn't know how else to answer Him. i didn't know how better to pray for these loved ones who needed more then restoration.
  i was reminded that a long time ago, people, who loved the Lord, who sought after the promised Messiah, prayed for decades after decades, for an answer to all their pain, suffering and sin but didn't even recognize the answer to their prayers, because it didn't look they way they expected it to look.
  the answer to the sin problem of the world didn't come in fabulous robes and crown decked out in gems and gold, but came in a stable. didn't fulfill the earthly vision of Sabbath day observances and "work." wasn't dinning with other righteous people but cheaters and prostitutes. didn't die comfortably in a bed of fine linen's but was brutally beaten, scoffed, crucified and pierced.
  the answer to all our pain, suffering and sin didn't come in the way it was expected. no, it looked very different.
 so when i pray i must remember to look for an answer to my prayers everywhere - especially in places that i least expect them to be. and when i pray i must also be reminded that as i ask in His name, i must also remember the to ask big. ask beyond what i want and ask into the infinite realm far beyond my wildest dreams here on earth. ask God, for holy miracles. asking humbly, sincerely, from a pure heart, for us to have more reasons to proclaim His greatness and His mercies and His mighty power even in this too, a simply request of healing. of restoration. of relationships made new, built in Love, beyond any earthly comprehension.

hebrews 4:16 let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.


Monday, August 1, 2011

coffee with the king revisited

 so remember that post coffee with the king? if not, here it is from the archives of march: otherwise, it's a post that i wrote to remind myself how wonderful quiet time with my Heavenly Father really is. how important it really is. to encourage myself to get back to it. to share how wonderful it was for me and to encourage you to try it. over at it's my big challenge for the whole week. i'll be sharing how i get back to it, how it effects the rest of my day and how it effects my family too. i know for sure that it has a wonderful trickle down effect because i've experienced it first hand before.
  i just wanted to take a moment to give this blog a little attention, and send you over there if your at all in need of some good encouragement and/or truths about the importance of spending early time alone with the One who really wants us to fall deeply, madly and crazily in love with Him. let's court Him this week together, yes?