Monday, August 1, 2011

coffee with the king revisited

 so remember that post coffee with the king? if not, here it is from the archives of march: otherwise, it's a post that i wrote to remind myself how wonderful quiet time with my Heavenly Father really is. how important it really is. to encourage myself to get back to it. to share how wonderful it was for me and to encourage you to try it. over at it's my big challenge for the whole week. i'll be sharing how i get back to it, how it effects the rest of my day and how it effects my family too. i know for sure that it has a wonderful trickle down effect because i've experienced it first hand before.
  i just wanted to take a moment to give this blog a little attention, and send you over there if your at all in need of some good encouragement and/or truths about the importance of spending early time alone with the One who really wants us to fall deeply, madly and crazily in love with Him. let's court Him this week together, yes? 

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