Monday, February 21, 2011

dancing in His robes

   it was morning. it was early. and the question after question, the request after request in my early  foggy morning head, was a lot.
   by noon i was breathing deeply every breath. this morning was no different then most, but for some reason i was fraying. like a fast paced scene in an action movie, pit after pit, after pit, kept zooming before my feet, and i was hopscotching through the first half of the day. those pits. dark. deep. dirty. full of snakes.
   i was being followed not by one, but two precious small souls encased in earthly flesh. i did not want to disappoint the One who entrusted them to me. so in the middle of a narrow hallway, one small embodied soul on either side of me, asking and requesting at the same time, i stopped. closed my eyes, let my head fall back and reach for the heavens, "Lord!" was my cry.
  the inside of my eyelids flashed and there i saw myself at the forefront of a battle. front lines. enemy snarling and foaming and beckoning me forward. one more step and it was into a pit. before i could feel any fear, He stepped to my side. white, warm garments. my rampart. "this is not your battle" says a familiar voice. "i have better plans for you today"
   the pits were no more. what battle field? no front line to stand in. only white, warm robes. my hands still in the air, i danced. eyes still closed, head still dropped back, i laughed a laugh of rejoicing and thanks. twirling and twirling and twirling, i danced in may Savior's white, warm robes. for the enemy has no place here. He is my rampart.
   in a cloth that moves like chiffon, layered in something like linen, glowing white like i've never before seen, i just danced. for the rest of the day. i danced in His glorious robes. questions were answered. request fulfilled. but mostly, that day was full of dancing. dancing in His robes.

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